Current Members @CSIRO's Data61:

Akib Karim (2020-) Post-doc Researcher

Eromanga Adermann (2022-) Post-doc Researcher

Autumn Wu (2022-) Post-doc Researcher

Zeheng Wang (2022-) Post-doc Researcher

Current Members @University of Melbourne:

Spiro Gicev (2020-) PhD Physics co-supervised with Lloyd Hollenberg Project topic: Surface code error correction schemes

Peiyong Wong (2020-) PhD Computer Science co-supervised with Casey Myers Project topic: Machine learning in variational quantum simulations

Than-Hoa Nguyen (2021-) PhD Computer Science co-supervised with Rajkumar Buyya Project: Quantum cloud computing

Maxwell T. West (2022-) PhD Physics co-supervised with Martin Sevior Project topic: Quantum machine learning

Shaobo Zhang (2022-) PhD Physics co-supervised with H. Quiney Project topic: Quantum simulations for scalable nanomaterial design

Ben Harper (2022-) PhD Physics co-supervised with M. Sevior Project topic: Quantum compiler design and software engineering

Anthony Hsu (2022-) PhD Finance co-supervised with Nitin Y. and Carsten M. Project topic: Quantum computing for finance

Brhyeton Hall (2022-) MSc Physics Project topic: Surface codes for practical quantum devices

Canaan Yung (2022-) MSc Computer Science co-supervised with Charles Hill Project topic: Data analysis on quantum computers

Hollis Huang (2022-) MSc Physics co-supervised with David Jamieson Project topic: Spin qubits and device modelling

Scott Vella (2022-) MSc Computer Science co-supervised with Charles Hill Project topic: Approximate quantum error correction


Shu Lok Tsang (MSc Computer Science 2021-22)

Project topic: Quantum generative adversarial machine learning

Quin Arnold (MSc Physics 2021-22)

Project topic: Design and control of qubits in architectures

co-supervised with Lloyd Hollenberg

Fanzhe Qu (MSc Computer Science 2021-22)

Paper DOI:

Project topic: Classical data analysis on small quantum computers

co-supervised with Sarah Erfani

Michelle Zhou (MIT Computer Science 2022)

Project topic: Surface code visualisation tool development

Chenghong Zhu (MSc Computer Science 2021-22)

Thesis DOI:

Project topic: Reinforcement learning in quantum error correction

Oscar Glenister (MSc Physics 2020-22)

Project topic: Quantum control for parallel multi-qubit quantum gate operations

co-supervised with Charles Hill, Liam Hall

Maxwell T. West (MSc Physics 2019-21)

Paper DOI:

Paper DOI:

Thesis DOI:

Project topic: Characterisation of donor spin qubits in silicon

Ben Harper (MSc Physics 2019-2021)

Thesis DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.10172.10888
Project topic: Mixed state stabiliser simulator with non-Clifford gates

co-supervised with Charles Hill

Xuan Zhang (MIT Computer Science 2020)

Project topic: Variational Quantum Eigensolver

co-supervised with Casey Myers

Shwetha Srinivasan (MSc Computer Science 2019-21)

Project topic: Machine learning for scanning probe microscopy

Shaobo Zhang (MSc Computer Science 2019-21)

Paper DOI:

Project topic: Noise mitigation schemes for VQE on NISQ devices

co-supervised with Charles Hill

Spiro Gicev (MSc Physics 2018-19)

Thesis DOI:

Paper DOI:

Thesis topic: Electronic signature of intermolecular interactions in MgPc on Ag surfaces

co-supervised with Lloyd Hollenberg

Yi Zheng Wong (Alfred) (MSc Physics 2017-18)

Paper DOI:

Thesis topic: Autonomous spatial metrology of spin qubits in silicon

co-supervised with Lloyd Hollenberg

Adam J. Brownstein (MSc Physics 2016-17)

Thesis topic: Physical qubits and trajectory simulations

co-supervised with Lloyd Hollenberg, Charles Hill

Christopher A. Broderick (PhD Physics 2010-14)

Thesis topic: Tight-binding and k.p study of bismide materials and laser devices

co-supervised with Eoin O'Reilly

Sadia Nawaz (MSc Electrical Engineering 2008-10)

Thesis topic: Keyword based approach for defining EER as a case of virtual organisation

co-supervised with Johannes Strobel

Yui-Hong Mathias Tan (MSc Electrical Engineering 2008-10)

Paper DOI:

Thesis topic: Coherent control of electronic states in bilayer QD molecules

co-supervised with Gerhard Klimeck

Sadia Nawaz (MSc Electrical Engineering 2008-10)

Thesis topic: Design of asynchronous data path for 64 bit architecture

co-supervised with Muhammad Kamran

Selva Kumaran Vadivel (BSc Electrical Engineering SURF 2009)

Project topic: Development of nanohub tool for simulations of multi-layer stacked quantum dots

co-supervised with Gerhard Klimeck

Drew Schuster (BSc Electrical Engineering SURF 2008)

Project topic: Development of a nanohub tool for multi-million atom simulations of quantum dots

co-supervised with Gerhard Klimeck

Experimental Collaborators (Past & Present):

Agustin Schiffrin (Monash University Australia)

Sven Rogge, Joe Salfi, and Benoit Voisin (University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia)

Michelle Simmons (University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia)

Hans Huebl and Martin S. Brandt (Walter-Schottky Institute, Germany)

Stephen Sweeney (University of Surrey UK)

Takashi Kita (Kobe University Japan)

Edmund Clarke and Ray Murray (Imperial College London UK)

Vittoriana Tasco and Adriana Passaseo (National Nanotechnology Laboratory Italy)

Theory Collaborators (Past & Present):

Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Kavan Modi (Monash University, Australia)

Sarah Erfani and Christopher Leckie (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Rajkumar Buyya (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Christopher Broderick and Eoin O'Reilly (Tyndall National Institute, Cork Ireland)

Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue University USA)

Shaikh S. Ahmed (Southern Illinois University USA)

Timothy B. Boykin (University of Alabama, USA)

Stefan Schulz (Tyndall National Institute, Cork Ireland)

Charles D. Hill (University of Melbourne, Australia)

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