Service to research

  • Session chair in AIP Meeting Sydney 2017
  • Program committee member IWCE 2016
  • Co-manager nanohub group for training and dissemination of open source NEMO3D tool
  • Co-CI and manager computational resources from NCMAS since 2016
  • Session chair SURF Research Symposium at Purdue
  • Poster judge for Quantum Mechanics subject at School of Physics since 2014
Community and university work 

  • The University of Melbourne, School of Computing and Information Systems, Planning Day Committee (2020) 
  • Registered in CSIRO's STEM Professional/Scientist in Schools (2016-current)
  • Member of the local School committee, Curriculum design (2018-current)
  • Arranged CQC2T and ECMP seminars (2015-2018)
  • Mentoring of graduate students at Purdue University (2005-2010) 
  • Mentoring in SURF program at Purdue (2006-2009)

Seminars and Colloquia 
  • MC^2 Talk at RMIT 2019
  • Research Seminars at ANU and Monash 2019
  • Research seminar at Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Melbourne 2019 
  • Colloquium at the School of Physics, University of Melbourne 2016
  • Colloquium at Monash 2016 
  • Research Seminar at RMIT 2016
  • Research Seminar at Dartmouth College USA 2012
  • Research Seminar at University of Iowa USA 2010

Articles in science media


  • American Physical Society journals (PRL, PRB, PRApplied, PRMaterials)
  • ACS journals (Nanoletters, ACS Nano)
  • RSC journals (Nanoscale, PCCP)
  • AIP journals (APL, JAP)
  • IOP journals (Nanotechnology, Semicond. Sci Tech., JPCM)
  • IEEE Trans. on Nanotechnology, IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices
  • ICPS conference
  • IWCE conference
  • Australian Institute of Physics meetings

Regular conference presence

  • ICPS since 2006
  • APS March Meetings since 2006
  • Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop since 2014
  • Annual Bismide Workshop since 2010
  • IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology
  • International Workshop on Computational Electronics