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This blog will primarily report notable recent papers, and will occasionally include my comments/views on the ongoing research topics and progress. I hope you will find the material interesting and have as much fun reading these papers as I had! If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me at: usman at alumni dot purdue dot edu

March 11, 2018: 

To start the blog, I am going to share two very recent and very exciting news, both demonstrating great promise for quantum computing in the coming years. 

The first news was reported by Google team in APS March Meeting 2018 where they have claimed to build a 72 qubit machine. Amazing achievement given that it could demonstrate quantum supremacy. I cannot wait to hear more about it once they finish the testing of their machine. You could find more about it here

The second study is from our CQC2T experimental team at UNSW. Recently published Nature Communication paper shows great promise for P donors in silicon based quantum computers, where Michelle Simmons and her team has been able to demonstrate, for the first time, controlled interaction between two correlated spin qubits based on atomic-precision fabrication of P donors. You may recall that a while ago, I published a paper in Nature Nanotechnology where we showed that we can use STM measurements to exactly pinpoint the locations of P donor qubits in silicon. These two studies make silicon based quantum computing much closer to reality, as now our team can exactly see where our qubits are in the quantum chip and can also precisely control the interaction between them!          

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