Muhammad Usman

    Senior Research-Fellow/Lecturer (Equivalent US Assistant Professor), 
    Quantum Computing - Device Theory, Simulations, and Algorithms     
    School of Computing and Information Systems, Melbourne School of Engineering,
    Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology,
    School of Physics, University of Melbourne, VIC Australia.

Contact details: Email: musman (at) unimelb (dot) edu (dot) au
                            Address: Room 287, Quantum Precinct, David Caro Building, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria Australia

Short Biography:

Dr. Muhammad Usman is currently working as a senior research scientist at the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) and the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne, Parkville Victoria Australia. His most recent work involves modeling and simulations of shallow donor impurities (P, As, Sb, Bi) in silicon for the implementation of spin qubits and quantum logic gates, with the aim towards designing scalable universal quantum computing architectures. As the lead author of a Nature Nanotechnology paper, he has developed world's first atomically-precise metrology technique to pinpoint the exact spatial location of a qubit in silicon, paving the way for robust quantum gates. 

In 2010, Dr Usman was graduated with a Ph.D. from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department of Purdue University USA, where his thesis studied multi-million-atom modeling and simulations of III-V quantum dots for the design of photonic devices. He was part of a team under Prof. Gerhard Klimeck working on the development of the state-of-the-art atomistic tight-binding simulator NEMO 3D. His PhD dissertation could be found hereSubsequently, from 2010 to 2014, he worked as a researcher at Tyndall National Institute, Cork Ireland. His theoretical work as a team member of the European Union FP7 project BIANCHO contributed towards the demonstration of world's first bismide laser device. Further details of this EU project, including his work are at: 

Dr. Usman is a passionate supporter and contributor to promote STEM education in schools and actively participate in activities to enhance the interest of school students in science subjects. He is a registered scientist in CSIRO's "scientist and mathematicians in schools" program and do volunteer work with a local school to provide assistance for science education.   

Dr. Usman has contributed over thirty refereed journal articles (including twenty as the first author), four book chapters, and his work has been presented in several invited and contributed talks/seminars. He is affiliated with the Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN) as a contributing member. He is a co-manager (with Prof. Gerhard Klimeck of Purdue University) of a nanohub group, which administer the training and distribution of NEMO-3D software package. He is a member of the American Physical Society (APS), IEEE, and Purdue Alumni Society. He actively performs referee duties for scientific journals like PRL, Nanoscale, APL, PRB, PRX, Nanotechnology, etc., and served on the scientific committee of IWCE-2016 conference. He is a recipient of the German DAAD fellowship (2010), Purdue's Graduate School Tuition Award (2006), US DOS Fellowship (2005), K.E. Durrani Fellowship (2003), and Government of Pakistan Merit Scholarship (in 1996 and 1998).

Student Project Supervision/Mentoring:

DurationProject Student Name Main Supervisor  Co-SupervisorBrief Project DescriptionPublications/Outcomes

MSc Spiro Gicev  Muhammad UsmanLloyd Hollenberg Electronic signature of intermolecular interactions in MgPc on Ag surfacesMSc Thesis Completed
Paper in preparation. 
 2017-2018MSc Yi Zheng Wong (Alfred) Muhammad UsmanLloyd Hollenberg STM based spatial metrology of P Qubits in Silicon  MSc Thesis Completed
Paper submitted to journal.
MScAdam J. Brownstein Lloyd Hollenberg 
Charles D. Hill
Muhammad UsmanPhysical qubits and trajectory simulations MSc Thesis Completed
 2010-2014PhD Christopher A. Broderick 
Eoin O'Reilly
Muhammad Usman
Tight-binding and k.p study of bismide materials and laser devices 
 Semicond. Sci. Technol. 27, 094011 (2012)
Semicond. Sci. Technol., 28, 125025, (2013)
 PhD Thesis Completed
2008-2010 MSc  Sadia Nawaz Johannes Strobel Muhammad UsmanKeyword based approach for defining EER as a case of virtual organization  IJEEE Vol. 50, No. 3, 316-340 (2013)
 2008-2010 MSc Yui-Hong Mathias Tan Gerhard Klimeck Muhammad Usman Coherent control of electronic states in bilayer QD molecules by application of external electric fields Nanotechnology 22, 315709 (2011)
MSc Thesis Completed
2008-2010 MScSadia Nawaz Muhammad Kamran Muhammad Usman Design of asynchronous data path for 64 bit architecture  MSc Thesis Completed
2009BSc (SURF)Selva Kumaran Vadivel Gerhard Klimeck Muhammad Usman  Development of nanohub tool for atomistic simulations of multi-layer stacked quantum dots A simulation tool to be deployed on nanohub platform  
2008BSc (SURF) Drew Schuster Gerhard KlimeckMuhammad Usman  Development of a nanohub tool for multi-million atom simulations of quantum dots 

Experimental Collaborators:

Agustin Schiffrin (Monash University Australia)
Sven Rogge, Joe Salfi, and Benoit Voisin (University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia)
Michelle Simmons (University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia)
Hans Huebl and Martin S. Brandt (Walter-Schottky Institute, Germany)
Stephen Sweeney (University of Surrey UK)
Takashi Kita (Kobe University Japan)
Edmund Clarke and Ray Murray (Imperial College London UK)
Vittoriana Tasco and Adriana Passaseo (National Nanotechnology Laboratory Italy)

Theory Collaborators:

Christopher Broderick and Eoin O'Reilly (Tyndall National Institute, Cork Ireland)
Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue University USA)
Shaikh S. Ahmed (Southern Illinois University USA)
Timothy B. Boykin (University of Alabama, USA)
Stefan Schulz (Tyndall National Institute, Cork Ireland)
Charles D. Hill (University of Melbourne, Australia)


2019 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research (November 2019)

STM Team

Left to right: Joe Salfi, Benoit Voisin, Lloyd Hollenberg, Muhammad Usman, Juanita Bocquel, Sven Rogge, Michelle Simmons (June 2016)
(left to right) Joe Salfi, Benoit Voisin, Lloyd Hollenberg, Muhammad Usman, Juanita Bocquel, Sven Rogge, Michelle Simmons (June 2016)

Research group @ University of Melbourne in 2015

Quantum Computing in Room 225 (Dr. Charles Hill and Dr. Muhammad Usman)

Research group @ Purdue in 2010

My Supervisors:

2014-2019       Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg (University of Melbourne, VIC Australia) -- Personal Web
2010-2014       Eoin P. O'Reilly (Tyndall National Institute, Cork Ireland) -- Personal WebGoogle-Scholar
2005-2010       Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue University, Indiana, USA) -- Personal WebGoogle-Scholar